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Our spring theme for 2017 is HortCouture offering a celebration of style in the home, the garden and even the wardrobe!

Imagine plumping up a beautiful flower-filled cushion, relaxing on a cool, mossy armchair and admiring cutting edge ‘living’ wallpaper in a Green Room made from plant material.

In tribute to the trailblazers of modern haute couture, this year’s fantastic large scale floral art display will also focus on four of the world’s most famous houses of fashion – Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Versace and Vivienne Westwood.

The spring show hosts Britain’s biggest exhibition of floral art and, as part of the HortCouture theme, teams from four NAFAS areas will offer their own unique interpretation on the work of each fashion icon. Meanwhile, floristry colleges from across the country will be conjuring up their unique take on a floral bonnet - using real cars!

You can also expect to be wowed by a dramatic display of ‘living couture’ as part of a spectacular plant nursery showcase, plus style-led activities including talks by trend-setting designers and practical advice on How2 introduce HortCouture in the garden at home.