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Inspirational garden designs

IS3 Be resourceful

This is a garden that makes the most of found objects and recycled materials, allowing people and wildlife to co-habit happily in a small space.

Groundwork’s theme supports Waste Less; Live More week, a Keep Britain Tidy initiative that invites people to join a challenge to be more resourceful. From 22-28 September this year, there will be an opportunity to find out how to be resourceful and reconnect with your belongings to make things last longer – wasting less and living more.

Category: Inspiration Street

Size: 4m x 5m

Designer: Groundwork

IS4 The Artisan Mosaic Garden

Inspired by the colours, arts and crafts of the Mediterranean, this design brings informal, yet classical style to the British terraced townhouse.

The centrepiece of the garden is an intricate pavement, featuring meticulously graded pebbles laid and cast in small sections for a perfect fit. The mosaic is created in reverse and upside down resulting in a flat surface to walk over and is complemented by Mediterranean-style planting.

Category: Inspiration Street

Size: 5m x 3m

Designer: Olicana Mosaics

SG4 Watch and learn 

This is a small oasis to inspire children, with several different haunts providing an array of creative activities.

A belvedere gives the youngsters an elevated view of the garden, complete with decorative beehive, bird table and nesting boxes. There is a rock pond and a stream to introduce aquatic wildlife interest, while the raised bed and planting encourage insects and birds to join the party.

A field gate, stile and dry stone wall complete this adventurous space for young minds.

Category: Professional

Size: 6m x 8m

Designers: Stepping Stones in Suburbia

Sponsored by Harrogate Aquatics and Mone Bros

SG5 Give nature a home – RSPB York Local Group

Home is where we eat, sleep and bring up our families – and it’s just the same for humans too!

This first-time garden is designed by members and friends of the York RSPB to show how we can give nature a home in our gardens by making small changes that mean a lot to wildlife.

Using raised beds, pots and a variety of plants, the garden provides a year round habitat – and not forgetting a table and chairs for the human visitors to enjoy.

Category: Community Spirit

Size: 4m x 4m



IS2 New dimensions - Wilkinsons Landscapes Ltd

This elegant design makes the most of every inch of space available in a small front garden.

The zig zag, cobbletech pathway leads you to natural slate paving and steps around the front door. A stainless steel water feature and river cobble surround bring the garden to life, while small trees add height to the planting scheme.

There is a small area of turf but, don’t worry, it will never need to be mowed!

Category: Inspiration Street

Size: 4m x 5m

Designer: Wilkinsons Landscapes Ltd

SG2 The serenity garden - PRW Garden Services

Inspired by woodland close to the designer’s home, this garden aims to create a place of calm and tranquility.

Using new and up-cycled materials, the design features a living wall representing woodland vegetation and turf pallets inspired by the trees. One gravel walkway leads visitors between curved borders of soft pastel colours and a stone water feature.

The other takes in wooden cabinets, crates and up-cycled plant pots before arriving at the seating area.

Category: Professional

Size: 5m x 5m

Designer: PRW Garden Services

SG1 A journey through childhood – NSPCC

Featuring the famous NSPCC Full Stop symbol in the form of a circular lawn and the welcoming warmth of a VW campervan, this garden takes visitors on the journey a child may take from fear and darkness to a place of safety and hope. 

Making rocky start with a log store as a hiding place, the design leads you through more colourful, softer planting to the iconic 1966 campervan symbolising a happy end to the journey.

Category: Professional

Size: 6m x 8m

Designer: Susanne Guthrie on behalf of the NSPCC

SG3 The social media garden 

What would happen if architecture could move to reflect human emotion? This amazing modern design may have the answer.

Part of the S.T.A.N Project within the School of Architecture and Computer Science at Lincoln University, this garden responds to social media by monitoring Twitter and translating the trends into changes in the landscape of the garden. Planting reflects the contrast between a harsh built environment and a lush utopia.

Visitors to the show will be able to tweet about #harrogateflowershow to see if they can change the landscape!

Category: Professional

Size: 6m x 3m

Designer: School of Architecture and Computer Science, University of Lincoln

IS1 The back to front garden

Category: Inspiration Street

Size: 5m x 3m

Designer: Kitchen Garden Magazine

Working with regular contributor, Joe Maiden, the ‘back to front garden’ shows how much produce can be grown in a tiny space.

Crops usually grown in the seclusion of the back garden are put in full view of passers-by, showing just how attractive edible plants can be. Packed with easy-to-grow produce and colourful, scented flowers for the home, no space is wasted – even cracks in the paving host healthy salads!


IS5 Pots & paving

Category: Inspiration Street

Size: 3m x 5m

Designer: John Cavill Gardens & Design

Sponsors: Decol Construction Ltd,  Laburnum Plants, Homebase, Direct Aggregate Supplies, Natural Paving

Designed to demonstrate how paving and pots can be combined to create a high quality and attractive front garden, this concept combines two colours of clay pavers in a zigzag pattern, which is also edged to define the space.

The pots are displayed in a sunken gravel area to keep them sturdy and arranged in different styles and sizes to create interest and provide the opportunity to use a variety of plants.