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Terms & Conditions of the programme

Terms and Conditions

1. Only groups based in Yorkshire, Lancashire, County Durham, Teesside and former Cleveland areas, Tyne and Wear, Cumbria, Northumberland, Greater Manchester and the North Midlands (north Nottinghamshire, north Derbyshire and north Lincolnshire) may apply

2. Each group can only receive one grant in a 12 month period

3. The decision of the North of England Horticultural Society (NEHS) is final and, other than informing successful applicants, we will not enter into correspondence regarding the outcome

4. The application form must be signed by the group’s main contact and independent referee

5. Responsibility cannot be accepted for lost, damaged or mislaid applications, proof of postage is not proof of receipt

6. The amount of grant awarded is final and will not be increased if there is an overspend or costs have been worked out incorrectly

7. If all the grant provided is not allocated to the project, unspent grant must be returned to NEHS within six months of the end date of the project as stated on your application form

8. The group agrees to their name and address being published, or used for publicity purposes, in connection with receiving a grant and agrees to the NEHS disclosing the groups address in our website

9. You must promote the NEHS Grants Programme in all publicity relating to your project (you will be provided with logos and contact details if your application is successful)

10. Any photographs submitted as part of your application and grant monitoring process may be used by NEHS in any media, for any purpose, in any of its publications and on its website at any time in the future.  It is the group's responsibility to ensure they have written permission from the parent/guardian for any images that are submitted involving a child

11. NEHS can monitor/check up on projects being carried out with help from the small grants scheme

12. Your group agrees to cooperate with any follow up visits

By submitting this form you will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions and have agreed to be bound by them.

The deadline for all applications is Monday 3 July 2017