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Garden shopping

Visit our outdoor stands for great garden shopping

A W Robinson Furniture GS54
Access Garden Products GS22
African Creations GS08
Amorosa GS32
Arctic Cabins Ltd GS123
Armadillo Sun GS108
Atkinsons Fencing Ltd GS83
Bakers Garden Lifestyle GS23
Bamboo Connections Ltd GS42
Breeze House Designs Ltd GS99
Brilliant Wall Art GS122
Brocklehursts GS71
Caledonia Play GS115
Carr Bank Garden Centre GS53
Central Platform Services Ltd GS101
Centre Sales Gloves GS15
Charles Taylor GS47
Chelsea Summerhouses Ltd GS10
Chris Clarke Weathervanes GS64
Cock-a-Doodle Imports GS113
Cotton Shirt Company GS50
Crown Pavilions GS92
Cultivar Ltd GS97
DNS The Leather Shop GS84
Doreen Preston & Son GS44
Dragon Willow GS105
Earthborn GS11
Easynets GS07
Emphasize GS36
Engineering Fire GS100
Fair Trade Furniture Co Ltd GS67
Footart GS63
Forever England Ltd GS52
Four Seasons Garden Furniture GS58
Fry's Teak Garden GS37
Gabriel Ash Ltd GS98
Gap Garden Products Ltd GS77
Garden 4 Me GS116
Garden Bench Company T/a Thai Gifts GS24
Garden Buildings Centre GS81
Garden Exteriors Ltd GS19
Garden Furniture Scotland Ltd GS124
Garden Living Uk GS38
Garden Skill Ltd GS30
Gardeners Feet GS48
Gilchrist's Confectionery Ltd GS60
Glenwood GS103 GS65
Harland Garden Machinery Ltd GS125
Harrogate Huts GS74
Hartman Outdoor Products GS79
HG Five Garden Furniture GS40
Home And Garden Extras GS03
Hozelock GS13
Inspiration 2 Creation GS31
Instashade Parasols GS118
J R Carruthers T/A J R Tools GS28
Jab-A-Roo Hats GS82
Jack Straws Baskets GS90
James Wilkinson Blacksmith GS109
Jardine Leisure GS51
JD Landscapes GS94
John Halifax Ltd GS78
John Harris Products GS09
Jonart Design GS102
JSMI Stoneware GS01
Kraabu Tree GS56
Labels 'n' Things GS14
Lavender And Leeks GS12
Lawn Hero GS66
Light Innovations Ltd GS27
Malvern Garden Buildings Ltd GS95
Manteaux GS69
Marble Hart GS112
Mossart GS110
My Visible Object GS75
Neat Necks GS49
New Eden Ltd GS29
North Yorkshire Rotters GS57
Ornate Garden GS21
Outdoor Living UK Products Ltd GS25
Patio And Terrace GS96
Pepe Garden Furniture GS62
Plant Supports (UK) Ltd GS16
Pouf Daddy Ltd GS70
Premier Garden Furniture GS04
Ragamuffin Reclaim GS73
Rhino Greenhouses GS87
Roodog Ltd GS121
Ruslyn Wood Creations GS45
Rusticraft GS35
Salvage Uk Midlands Ltd GS126
Signs & Boxes Uk GS43
Sock Company Country GS72
Steve's Garden Tools & Accessories GS91
Sun Leisure Instant Shelters Ltd GS39
Susan Nichols - Wire Sculptures GS34
Terracotta Pot Company GS119
The Gardeners Show Shop GS17
The Pizza Oven Shop GS93

Thompson's Garden Emporium GS06
Tibshelf Garden Products Ltd GS61
Tom Critchley GS86
Traditional Stone Driveways GS59
Tristen May Ltd GS111
True Fair Trading GS85
Vegepod Uk Ltd GS26
Vertical Shores GS104
Vintage Garden Store GS76
Vivid Optics GS74
W Moorcroft Ltd GS18
Warwickshire Clothing GS117
Westmorland Sheepskins Ltd GS80
Willow Wand Ltd GS20
Wold Wire Sculptures GS107
Woodee Ltd GS68
Woodpecker Joinery UK Ltd GS114
Woolovers Ltd GS55
Yorkshire Hot Tubs Ltd GS02
Yorkshire Post GS127
Yorwaste GS33
Zambrand Ltd GS05


For full details for each exhibitor, our 72 page colour Show Programme is available to order in advance or purcahse at the show, priced £3.50