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The Plant Nursery Pavilion

Visit our new Plant Nursery Pavilion for plant nursery displays and sales:

Alchemy Ferns PP63
Ashcroft's Perennials PP29
Bean Place Nursery PP15
Beech Tree Farm Plants PP25
Brighter Blooms PP19
Brighter Blooms PP23
Brookfield Plants PP64
Brownthwaite Hardy Plants Ltd PP74
C & K Jones PP48
Chrysanthemums Direct PP36
Cooks Garden Centre PP68
Craftyplants PP08
D' Arcy & Everest PP17
Darcy & Everest PP13
Derbyshire Bonsai PP31
Dibleys Nurseries PP37
East Of Eden Nursery PP22
Eversley Nursery PP34
Fernatix PP26
Foster's Exotic & Unusual Plants PP05
Fuchsiavale Nurseries PP70
G & K Carnations PP53
Garden Blooms PP55
Garth Cottage Herbs PP46
Graeme Iddon Cottage Garden Plants PP42
Graeme Iddon Cottage Garden Plants PP43
H W Hyde & Son PP60
Hardy's Cottage Garden Plants PP21
Hare Spring Cottage Plants PP57
Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries PP65
Harts Nursery PP40
Hartside Nursery Garden PP01
Hippopottering Nursery PP43A
Hooksgreen Herbs Ltd PP16
Hoyland Plant Centre PP41
Hoylands Plant Centre PP39
Ice Alpines PP62
Jacques Amand International Ltd PP02
Jacques Amant Intl Ltd PP20
Jurassic Plants Nurseries PP59
Keith Partington PP69
Kevock Garden Plants PP14
Laneside Hardy Orchid Nursery PP44
Larchfield Trees PP38
Laurence Hobbs Orchids Ltd PP71
Manic Botanic PP45
Mickfield Hostas PP33
Middleton Nurseries PP30
Morton Nurseries Ltd PP67
New Forest Hostas & Hemoracallis PP03
Norfield Nurseries PP52
North of England Bonsai PP12
Oska Copperfield Nursery PP58
Pettet's Nursery PP07
Pinewood Bonsai PP72
Pip's Cactus PP73
Plantagogo PP54
Plants, Shoots & Leaves PP56
Potash Nursery PP75
Primrose Bank PP11
Primrose Hall Peonies PP50
Priorswood Clematis PP61
Proctor's Nursery PP28
Roualeyn Fuchsias PP66
Simply Succulents PP76
Slack Top Alpine Nursery PP51
The Lost World Nursery PP09
Tom Smith Plants PP49
Toon's Cottage Garden Plants PP47
W & S Lockyer PP18
W & S Lockyer PP32
Wack's Wicked Plants PP35
Walkers Bulbs @ Taylors PP10
William's Cactus PP43B
Yorshire Irises PP06

For full details for each exhibitor, our 72 page colour Show Programme is available to order in advance or purcahse at the show, priced £3.50