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2019 Show Gardens

Each week in the run up to the 2019 Harrogate Spring Flower Show we will be showcasing one of our fantastic show garden designs. Our final garden is being created by the charity - Perennial:

SG 1 The Perennial Legacy Garden

The charity Perennial is celebrating its 180th anniversary with a show garden representing the impact of its work in supporting people working in the horticultural industry and their families.

Designed by David Wyndham Lewis, the garden is a visual representation of life’s influence with a flowing water feature depicting the journey as it bubbles and trickles over obstacles to reach a still pool with a seating area for visitors to sit, reflect and remember. Planting includes a collection of rare potted plants, plus a wetland and marginal area fed by the central water feature.

Category: Professional
Size: 8m x 6m
Designer: Perennial

SG8 The Tranquillity of Bauhaus 

Reflecting the design principles of Germany’s revolutionary Bauhaus School of Architecture, this garden focuses on a pavilion set within lush planting. Interlocking planes enable framed views and augment the play of light over the day.

Planting is in distinct zones, including woodland and shade loving varieties, exotic grasses and native spring flowers. Colours are vivid and varied, with softer shades strategically placed to contrast the hard, structural dividing walls.

Category: Professional
Size: 10m x 9m
Designer: Hadean-Creation

SG4 A moment for you

A simple, tranquil garden designed to reflect the limited size of many modern gardens. It aims to demonstrate that even small spaces can be balanced and beautiful, offering respite from busy lives.

The garden leads the visitor in, inviting them to sit and take a moment for themselves. Planting is naturalistic and primarily green with a splash of colour.  A shallow pebbled area provides a hint of water symbolising the transition from the hustle and bustle outside to the peace and tranquility of the space.

Category: Professional
Size: 7m x 6m
Designer: KG Cooke & Dashiel Rowan
Sponsors: Vertigrow; High Trees Garden Centre

SG6 In sight of the Minster 

A garden to reflect the ancient and vibrant city of York, with for box hedging representing the city’s famous walls, while flying buttress decorative tree supports and a stained-glass sculpture depict the Minster.

Strong colours feature in the planting to reflect the cathedral’s windows and the tapestry border offers a lively mix of culinary and medicinal herbs with medieval and contemporary perennials tracing the famous structure’s journey through the ages.

Category: Professional
Size: 7m x 6m
Designer: Askham Bryan College
Sponsors: Bloom; Yorganics

SG5 The Shire

Fans of the fun community gardens created by the Harrogate-based educational charity, Horticap, are in for another treat this spring.

Famed for their handmade paper mache models, the students, staff and volunteers are this year paying tribute to Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit, with special garden featuring limestone dry walls. Show visitors will be able to transport themselves to the ‘Shire’ with a special selfie photo area and don’t miss the cobbled cave complete with wetland planting, the perfect place for the sinister Stoor, Gollum!

Category: Community Spirit
Size: 6m x 6m
DesignerHorticap Ltd

SG3 Urban Sprawl 

Designed in response to the pressures of urban development and road construction on local green spaces and landmarks, this garden calls for the preservation of green pockets to keep pace with planning.

Planting is predominantly native trees and shrubs, such as birch and pine, with gabions and concrete blocks to reflect urban development and also to provide seating.

Category: Professional
Size: 7m x 5m
Designer: Nicholas Edward Gardens
Sponsors: Braithwaite’s Garden Centre; Association of Professional Landscapers; Stone Warehouse;Dennis Blackburn Engineering; Martin Sloan

SG2 The Mental Health Garden

This garden aims to reflect mental health suffering and recovery. Features include metal strips to represent the injuries inflicted in self-harm, with a table and chairs to depict counselling through talking therapies. Gabions start with dark pebbles to symbolise depression and transform to paler pebbles indicting recovery with counselling and support.

A polished stone spherical sculpture, Kernel, provided by David Harber, forms a culmination of the journey around the garden and depicts part of a symbolic semi colon punctuation mark to raise awareness of mental health. Planting is calm, restful and primarily green.

Category: Professional
Size: 7m x 5m
Designer: Jo Manfredi-Hamer Garden Design
Sponsors: Leeds MIND; Johnsons of Whixley; David Harber; Stone Warehouse; Marshalls; 3volution