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2020 Show Gardens

Each week in the run up to the 2020 Harrogate Spring Flower Show we will be showcasing our fantastic show garden and Square Yards designs. This week we take a look at the fun horticultural theatre being created by Horticap Ltd.

Three Little Pigs

The cautionary tale of the Three Little Pigs is the inspiration for this year's fun garden by students and staff at the Harrogate-based educational charity Horticap.

Their garden will bring to life the story of three pigs, who each built a house from different materials to keep the big bad wolf at bay.

The garden will recreate life-sized versions of the straw, stick and brick houses, each planted with its own seasonal garden - but what will happen when the wolf begins to huff and puff?

Size: 8m x 6m

Designer: Horticap Ltd

Exploring the Wild Wood

Taking us back to the days of adventure in the woods, this garden hopes to rekindle our imaginations as we rediscover nature.

Using elements of biophilic design, the garden aims to provide a place for stories to be told, fantastical creatures to be imagined and families to re-engage with the natural world around them.

Planting is evocative of a spring woodland in soft greens, gold, blue and silver using a mix of cultivsted and native species that are both robust for the northern climate and good food sources for pollinators.

Size: 10m x 10m

Designer: Kirklees Council