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Back to the Future

We will be heading Back to the Future this autumn to explore how our rich gardening heritage is fuelling a rosy future.

Eighty years after its closure, the lost amusement park of Leeds is celebrating a new life as a beacon of biodiversity.

A special display to showcase the park’s transformation into a botanical garden and popular public space is being created as part of a our Back to the Future theme.

Complete with a pictorial meadow full of flowers, the exhibit is being built by a team from Leeds City Council to depict a section of rediscovered railway, once part of a fairground ride and now a haven for wildlife.

Golden Acre Park opened in 1932 and was originally designed as an American-style attraction with motor launches, rowing boats, miniature railway, open air swimming pool, helter-skelter and zoo. After a relatively short life as an amusement park, it closed in 1939 and was eventually bought by the city in 1946.

Plans to re-opened the amusement park were quickly dropped in favour of transforming the land into a botanical garden and so began Golden Acre’s journey to become one of the city’s most popular horticultural spaces.

Visit the Plant Nursery Pavilion to see our fabulous feature displays.