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2018 Autumn Garden Borders

Designs from the 2018 Autumn Garden Border Competition:

Grubs Up

Things get a little Gothic with this garden border as we prepare to take a walk on the dark side of the plant world.

Dinner is all set for four with a delicious array of flies, bugs and other insects on the menu and some spectacular carnivorous plants ready to tuck in!

Designer: Wacks Wicked Plants in partnership with Horticap Ltd

Pushing the boundaries for access to horticulture

The WFGA is a charity providing opportunities for people hoping to start a new career in gardening. With Gertrude Jekyll among its founding members, the organisation was set up in 1899 to push the boundaries for women wishing to work in, what was then, a male dominated profession. Today it continues to provide training, advice and specialist community workshops in all aspects of horticulture.

The garden border has two parts - one features flower beds, including a nod to Jekyll, while the other focuses on veg production. Planting reflects the WFGA colour scheme of purple, blue and green, with hints of white as a tribute to the suffragette movement.

Designer: Women’s Farm & Garden Association, Tetbury

A tale of autumn grass & squirrels

This border aims to turn the tables on the usual autumn picture of leaves falling from the sky, by introducing horizontal movement into the garden with ornamental grasses spiralling into a focal point of cornus, or dogwood.

The grasses are planted in bands to create dynamic layers of movement, with feature sculptures of willow squirrels and climber obelisks to add scale, and bark mulch to create paths.

The autumnal planting palette includes Cornus alba, Stipa gigantea, Miscanthus sinensis, Luzula sylvatica and Carex Testacea.

Designer: Ashley Landscape Studio, Bath

Do you remember the time?

Celebrating 30 years of exhibiting at Harrogate Flower Shows, the team from Horticap takes a step back in time to re-create their very first display garden at the show.

It features that most essential of garden accessories a potting shed, surrounded by a colourful mix of seasonal perennials and shrubs.

Designer: Horticap Ltd, Harrogate

Tekku garden border

Designed to demonstrate that even a small space can be beautiful, this border presents a relaxing space with traditional garden elements, plus formal and informal planting.

A small tranquil pool acts as a focal point to reflect the sky and surroundings plants, as well as attracting wildlife to the border.

Planting combines an informal naturalistic style, punctuated by a small number of formal features with grasses and herbs.

Designer: KG Cooke Design, Leeds

Season of mists

A celebration of autumn inspired by the ‘season of mist and mellow fruitfulness’ featured the famous Keats poem, To Autumn.

Plants bearing fruit and berries provide structure, while soft grasses create a haze of autumn mists and fading sunlight. A palette of warm coppery tones is generated by September flowering perennials, while a mix of hedgerow and meadow planting extends the boundaries between the garden and the natural landscape.

From spring blossom to winter seed heads, the border is designed to give year-round interest.

Designer: Rachel Forbes Landscape Design, Burley-in-Wharfedale