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Picture of talk in GROW!

GROW! Garden Theatre

Join our experts and watch your gardening knowledge GROW!

If you have ever been curious about the charms of camassia be sure to join Sue Exley for a Masterclass on these beautiful bulbous perennials.

Sue, from Hare Spring Cottage Plants, first saw them in a woodland garden in South Devon more than 15 years ago and, in her own words, has been enchanted ever since.

These six-petalled starry blooms emerge in February/March and can be naturalised in grass or borders. Sue will be on the GROW! Stage in the Plant Nursery Pavilion at 2.30pm on Friday and Sunday of the show.

Unrivalled knowledge

Flower show favourite Laurence Hobbs returns to the theatre at 2.30pm on Thursday and Saturday with his Masterclass on the gorgeous, but sometimes sensitive, orchid.

James Smallwood, from W & S Lockyer, will also be talking about his speciality, the auricula. These delicate members of the primula look amazing given the right treatment, find out what that is at 12 noon on Thursday 25 April.

This will be followed by a Masterclass from self-confessed plantaholic Rob Hardy, who started selling plants from his own back garden in 1988 and now has one of the country’s leading independent nurseries.

With an unrivalled knowledge of plants and planting, our resident GROW! Experts Sarah Hopps, Helen Bainbridge and Martin Fish will be on stage each day of the show.

This spring Martin will be offering a guide to getting started with fruit and veg, while Sarah gives top tips on creating a garden to delight the senses. Helen will be talking about how to introduce some glorious colour this summer.

Sarah, Helen and Martin will also be answering gardening questions every day.