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Incredible & Edible

Colossal cabbages, monumental marrows and tremendous tomatoes – we are looking forward to another gargantuan battle for top titles in the 2020 NEHS giant vegetable competition.

They may not be beautiful but they are certainly BIG and we have 13 classes of heaviest and longest, including pumpkin, marrow, parsnip, leek, cabbage, potato, beetroot, carrot, rhubarb, runner bean and cucumber.

Our *novice classes for the longest runner bean, heaviest tomato and longest cucumber also offer the chance for less experienced gardeners to have a go at growing a monster!

The famous National Heavy Onion Championship will include a world record weigh-in to find out if the current title holder can be toppled. Since the championships started in 1983, some 12 new world records have been set. The current champion is Tony Glover, from Birmingham, who set a new record in 2014 with a whopper weighing in at 18lb 11oz (8.47 kilos).

National Vegetable Society Championships

Love your veg? Then don't miss the best of the best!

The Harrogate Autumn Flower Show also hosts the Northern Championships for the National Vegetable Society.

There will be a cornucopia of classes for onions, carrots, shallots, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, celery, cauliflowers, beetroot and leeks.

Members of the NVS will be also on hand with more information about the society and top advice for growing perfect produce.


*The new novice giant veg classes are open to anyone who has not won a prize for any giant vegetable at a regional or national show or event.