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Autumn Garden Borders

Our popular border gardens return with lots of inspiration for smaller plots.

These days every bit of outside space counts, so if you are looking for kerb appeal or just a place to get some peace, our talented designers and landscapers will be showcasing their ideas for turning that troublesome corner into a real treasure.

We will be inviting our talented design teams to take visitors on a trip around the world with unique planted borders inspired by the colours, sights and smells of continents across the globe.

Autumn Show Gardens - click here for more details

Sommat for nowt! 

Sharing is very much part of the allotment way and, as the saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. So, Harrogate’s allotment holders have shared their secrets for creating practical uses for unwanted objects. From fireguards to beer cans there is very little that can’t be used on a productive plot.

Encourage your rhubarb without the need for swanky forcing pots or keep the pigeons away from your winter cabbage - even buckets and yoghurt pots are valuable commodities when sharing tips ‘across the border’!

Find them on Facebook @HarrogateandDistrictAllotmentAssociation

Journey of Discovery 

Inspired by the charity’s 33-year journey since its inception in 1984, this garden border is designed to capture the spirit of adventure and determination to overcome challenges along the way.

Featuring a large wooden boat laden with plant discoveries from around the world, the garden also showcases the craft skills of the students through colourful paper mache fish surrounded by grasses to represent the movement of the sea. Dried flowers and seeds reflect the start of Horticap’s journey.

Category: Garden Border

Designer: Horticap Ltd

No fly zone 

We cross the Atlantic to North America for a close encounter with some rather curious garden border plants. These Sarracenia purpurea ssp purpurea not only look unusual, they are also hardy and offer the ultimate solution for fly control!

Commonly known as purple pitchers, visiting insects can expect a one-way welcome to this border of carnivorous plants, which is set out in pots as you would grow them in your own garden at home.

Category: Garden Border

Designer: Wacks Wicked Plants

Due East 

This border transports you to the orient with a contemplative, evocative, planting scheme designed for slightly acidic soil located in a sheltered space with light shade.

Carefully positioned trees and shrubs stand above drifts of foliage to provide interest and colour featuring greens, reds, yellows and blacks, as well as bursts of floral interest to carry you throughout the year.

Category: Garden Border

Designer: Matt Haddon Gardens Ltd

Sponsor: Colour Your Garden

Across the Prairie 

Inspired by the North American Prairie, this garden border is designed for an exposed and sunny site. It conveys a naturalistic feel with lush grasses and vivid autumn colours, including pinks, purples and yellows, that are sure to awaken your senses!

Category: Garden Border

Designer: Jo Manfredi-Hamer Garden Design & JH Garden Design

Sponsors: Nordgreen Nurseries, Anna and The Willow

A little peace 

A combination of late summer-flowering perennials and grasses weave and combine to create a peaceful oasis, proving that you don’t need a big garden to be uplifted by plants.

A small body of water adds to the sense of tranquillity with soft planting sweeping around it to conjure a hazy haven in a small space.

Category: Garden Border

DesignerAustin’s Gardens

Sponsors: Colour Your Garden