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Photo of a spring show gardens

Spring show gardens

Spring Essentials Show Gardens are kindly supported by the North of England Horticultural Society and British Garden Centres.

The Nature Remedy - Premier Gold

This restorative space is an interpretation of a chapter in Faith's book of the same name, which talks about the Japanese practice ‘Shinrin Yoku’ or ‘Forest Bathing’. By immersing ourselves in a wooded environment, our minds and bodies are literally bathed in Phytoncides or tree essential oils, which have a direct effect on our nervous system.

Studies show astounding results - from as little as fifteen minutes spent in amongst trees we will see a drop in heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels thereby promoting stress relief. We sleep better, we have less pain and mental health and mood disorders, such as anxiety, depression and PTSD, see a great relief of symptoms. All of this, and the boost to our immune systems, is something much needed by so many people right now and can be achieved from quite simply being amongst woodland.

The garden will be predominantly a woodland scene using native trees and shrubs with a natural leaf litter woodland floor and dotted ferns. A central bath feature depicts the forest bathing narrative in a literal way.

Category: Professional

Designer: Faith Douglas

Sponsors: JA Jones, Hacs, Nicholas Edward Gardens

Our support bubble - Premier Gold

This is a community garden installation, based around the support offered by Horticap in times of difficulty and by those who support the organisation and the valuable work it carries out.

Cut out trees celebrate the work of individuals and groups, while a central pod forms the bubble from which everything works. 

Horticap is a charity providing a supportive and friendly working environment where students with learning difficulties can develop their abilities through structured training.

Category: Community

Designer: Horticap

Yorkshire Zen - Gold

This garden combines the influences of the ancient Japanese rock garden with the inspiration of Yorkshire's incredible landscapes to create a space which embraces the traditional teachings of Zen.

Koko, or austerity, is inspired by the bleak beauty of Ilkley Moor and the vast rolling sand and shingle beaches of the Yorkshire coastline.

Shizen, or naturalness, is taken from the stone formations of Stump Cross Cavern and Malham Cove, with flattened rocks reflecting the pooling waters of Aysgarth Falls and arching uprights to mirror the awe-inspiring chasm of Gaping Gill.

Simple, close-cropped, ground-level planting and tortured stems are inspired by the harsh, yet breathtaking, landscapes around Cow and Calf Rocks, and will include symbolic feature elements.

Category: Professional

Designer: Nicholas Edward Design

Sunrise - Silver

This garden celebrates the sun as the keystone to sustaining all living things on earth.

The main feature is a wooden sun sculpture providing a backdrop to the garden, complete with seating area allowing visitors to sit next to sun, feel its warmth and enjoy a sense of wellbeing. A fire pit replicates the warmth of its rays, even at night.

Planting is largely native species in greens and whites with a dash of yellow.

Catergory: Professional

Designer: Morgan’s 

Sponsors: MKM Building Supplies; Duffield Timber

Escape Your Mind - Gold

One thing that has remained consistent amid the chaos of Covid is nature and the benefits it can bring to our mental and physical wellbeing.

Using Biophillic design principles, Harrogate Garden Design and Lowes Landscapes aim to capture the healing powers of nature to create a 'little bit of heaven on earth'.

Escape Your Mind includes biophillic elements which automatically and naturally calm our minds, including well connected space, healthy plant life, fresh water, natural materials and patterns to provide opportunities for contemplation, a feeling of refuge and views across the open landscape.

Complete with a water feature by Yorkshire Aquascapes and a pathway inspired by New York's famous Highline, the design calls on biophillia (our in-built, genetic affinity with nature) to satisfy an innate need for contact with the natural world and the sense of wellbeing we experience when we can touch and experience nature.

Category: Professional

Designer: Lisa Norton, Harrogate Garden Design with construction by Lowes Landscapes , water feature by Yorkshire Aquascapes  and paving by RF Landscape Products Ltd