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Spring 16 Show Garden Designs

Look forward to some fantastic new 2017 spring show gardens - here are last year's designs:

SG6 A Wildlife Paradise

Created by designer and horticulturalist Alie Pearce-Ross, this garden treads lightly on the landscape and explores a myriad of ways to welcome nature into your own outdoor space.

With a natural pond, bog garden and soft edging beds, planting creates a haven for birds, insects amphibians and even small mammals in this organically inspired garden.

Constructed mainly from recycled materials, a rustic shelter, log piles and stone paving all add to the naturalistic appeal. The shelter provides a cosy hideaway for human visitors!

Category: Professional

Size: 5m x 5m

Designer: Brookside Nurseries Ltd

SG7 My Family

Created by Paxman Landscapes, this garden is designed for a family, complete with outdoor dining area and feature fire pit. The boundary is defined by a woven oak fence, punctuated by snake-bark maples for shade, privacy and vibrant foliage.

Soft planting hues of blues, creams and purples contrast the architectural grasses and ferns, while an evergreen wall of heuchera, hedera and ophiopogon connects the garden with the dining area.

Category: Professional

Size: 8m x 6m

Designer: Association of Professional Landscapers

SG5 A Circle of Life

Natural stone forms the basis of this circular water garden, complete with large rock pond and waterfall and set against a back drop of graduated stone monoliths.

A living area and viewing point is provided by a central oak platform with hazel handrail, plus a small oak bench located on the edge of the garden. Planting will include small fruits trees between the monoliths, a wild flower meadow, with marginal reeds and grasses.

Category: Professional

Size: 8m x 8m

Designer: Stepping Stones in Suburbia

SG10 A Grand Day Out

Falling under the Community Spirit category, this fun garden aims to be horticultural theatre with a display inspired by the famous cartoon characters Wallace and Gromit.

It features a picnic scene set in the open Yorkshire countryside. Planting includes native hedging and trees, plus wild flowers and grasses to capture the region’s famous countryside.

Category: Community Spirit

Size: 8m x 6m

Designer: Horticap Ltd

SG8 Relax in Peace

A haven of peace and comfort designed for a young couple to unwind after a hectic day. Natural materials and soft planting aim to achieve a relaxing atmosphere, along with a pond and floating metal ball water feature to add a sense of calm.

The seating area provides a place to take a break or entertain and energy efficient lighting makes sure the colourful planting can still be seen when the sun sets.

Category: Professional

Size: 5m x 5m

Designer: PRW Garden Services

Sponsors: Natural Paving and Rolawn

SG9 George’s Garden

This is a sensory garden for disabled children, inspired by the designer’s son George. It aims to encourage interaction, learning, exercise and outdoor enjoyment in a safe environment.

A waterfall shelter, metal sculpture and sensory planting help to provide stimulation, along with colourful side panels created by children from the Nidderdale Children’s Resource Centre, where the garden will be reconstructed after the show.

Category: Professional

Size: 8m x 6m

Designer: Yorkshire Garden Designs

Sponsors: Natural Paving and The HACS Group

SG3 Viking Höfn (Haven)

A traditional Nordic landscape is the backdrop for this Viking themed garden inspired by a village near York. The garden is set in a naturalistic landscape of birch, pine, grass, moss and spring wild flowers leading down to the sandy shore of a dyke inlet.

Features include a small kot dwelling, fire pit, traditional Viking fishing boat, tools and weaponry to help set the historic northern scene.

Category: Professional

Size: 10m x 10m

Designer: Askham Bryan College

Sponsors: Makita UK and Marshalls plc

SG4 Transition

Based around a circular theme to evoke a sense of strength and completeness, this space aims to demonstrate how a place of relaxation can be created even with limited space.

With muted colours and soft planting to soothe a jangling mind, trees encourage the visitor to look up from the boundaries, providing ample space to expand thoughts. Circular lawn and paving shapes are reflected in the planting, with shrubs, leaves and flowers planned to echo the theme.

Category: Professional

Size: 5m x 4m

Designer: North Leeds Garden Design

SG 2 Tea for Two

Designed by Northumbrian landscaper Peter Cunliffe, this garden explores the origins of the afternoon ‘pick me up,’ comparing the traditions of the English high tea and the Japanese tea ceremony.

Featuring an authentic Japanese Tea House, the garden is designed to evoke an atmosphere of peaceful solitude using simple planting that relies on shape and form. Flowing effortlessly from East to West, it also aims to illustrate how fundamentally similar the two traditions are!

Category: Professional

Size: 10m x 8m

Designer: Peter Cunliffe, BALI