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Discover #kerb appeal

Our theme this spring is #kerbcouture exploring how cutting-edge design and a few quirky ideas can make even the bleakest back street beautiful.

From bloom bombing to garden graffiti we take you on a journey of transformation through an urban environment revolutionised by the creative and contemporary use of plants and flowers.

The Blank Wall Project

Nearly every garden has a blank wall, bare fence or  awkward corner and, when space is limited, the only way is up! 

This spring we challenge our designers to come up with virtuoso ideas for vertical spaces with The Blank Wall Project. 

Will it be garden graffiti or veg on the edge?

Entries include Llama Drama from Craft Aid International

A kaleidoscope of colour transports you to Latin America as this blank wall is transformed with a wall-mounted, cascading fountain decorated with hand-made mosaics by adults with disabilities taking part in the charity’s weekly craft sessions. 

A llama with pom-pom headdress and brightly coloured harness, plus an array of tropical plants in hot pinks, orange, yellow and purples complete this vibrant sensory garden.

Yorkshire Garden Designs will be applying Vision to their blank wall. 

Appearances can be deceiving with this project as focus is drawn to a beautiful tree in the foreground, underplanted with seasonal blooms beside a limestone patio – or is it?

Garden design is an inspired vision for a space, which then becomes reality and this blank wall illustrates that process with a hand-drawn perspective back drop linked with real life landscaping in the foreground.

Square Yards

Talented landscape teams will also offer the ultimate in tight-space planting ideas with  our new Square Yards mini show gardens.

If you have no space to waste or a dead space in your garden, don't miss this opportunity to discover new ways to make every inch count!

Rachel Forbes plans to provide a Kerbal Remedy (right) with her Square Yard design.

Bringing together five yards into one space, her garden imagines creating an urban oasis in a basement courtyard at the foot of a fire escape or pavement frontage.

Down 2 Earth will be inviting  you to Take Some Thyme (bottom right)) with their design for an urban refuge in a typical city back yard.

Whether it’s used for growing herbs for cooking, chilling with a book or pottering round the plants, the space is populated with pots and raised beds that can be changed to reflect the season.