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The Art of the Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums have been inspiring artists and gardeners for thousands of years and where better to feature an outdoor exhibition honouring this ancient bloom, than home to one of the UK's biggest displays of these fabulous flowers?

In partnership with The Arts Society and arts lecturer and author, Twigs Way, a special outdoor exhibition at this year's Harrogate Autumn Flower Show will trace the story of the Chrysanthemum from its origins in the Far East to the show benches in the West.

Cultivation of chrysanths was first recorded in Shang Dynasty China around 1600BC, with the first 'show' taking place in Imperial Japan in AD910. The flower reached our shores in 1795 and the first English chrysanthemum show took place in Norwich in 1843. Three years later, the first specialist society dedicated to the flower was launched in Stoke Newington.

From tea to Tissot this versatile, sometimes underestimated, autumn bloom has been the inspiration of paintings, poetry and passionate gardeners for generations.

The exhibition can be found in the showground, adjacent to The Grand Floral Pavilion, where a fabulous display of chrysanthemums can also be found in the National Chrysanthemum Society's Northern Group annual show.