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Creative Christmas Trees

We have given our artificial Christmas tree an alternative, stylish and green make over that also solves the annual conundrum of what to do with your houseplants as you make space for the Christmas decorations - simply decorate the tree with them!

To decorate our tree we used a mixture of houseplants - Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Pothos Plant (Devil's Ivy) and variegated 'Hedera Helix' Ivy, but if you can use whatever you have at home!

If you like to see how we achieved this look, take a look at the video link below.

If you'd like to give this a try, needless to say you should NOT water the plants while they are on the Christmas tree for safety reasons due to the electric tree lights. It will also cause drip water all over your floor! Instead, make sure you water the plants well and allow to drain before decorating the tree. If you need to re-water the plants over Christmas, remove and repeat.

December 2022