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Leaf Overload

The colourful autumn leaves continue to fall, carpeting the ground in a sea of auburn.

But what can be done with all these leaves?

Instead of dispatching fallen leaves with the last garden waste collection of the year, why not create your own leaf mould? This eco and garden friendly solution will do wonders to re-invigorate your garden's soil.

Invaluable for some gardening uses, leaf mould helps retain moisture and acts as a great soil improver when planting a range of plants and bulbs. For those who like to make their own soil mixture, it's a great base ingredient fibre source.

Nothing could be simpler to make:

  • pile your collected leaves into a bin bag, add water and tie the top
  • take a gardening fork and carefully stab the bag a few times to create ventilation holes
  • transport to a dark forgotten corner of the garden and leave for a year.

Once the leaves have decomposed, you will be rewarded with a rich and beneficial mulch to return to the garden.

November 2022