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Yorkshire Coast Mackerel with Pink Gooseberry Jelly and Fresh Pea Salad

Summer is all about enjoying delicous salads made with home grown produce.

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At April's Spring Flower Show, renowned local chef, Stephanie Moon, created this delicious summer salad on the Gardener's Kitchen stage. 

And, here's our top tip....if you are able to grow your own salad leaves and herbs, it will taste even better! 

Yorkshire Coast Mackerel with Pink Gooseberry Jelly and Fresh Pea Salad

Ingredients - Serves 2

  • 200g gooseberries Salad leaves
  • 30g low sugar 2 fillets of Whitby mackerel
  • 6 gelatine leaves 6 sprigs of pea shoots or herbs to garnish
  • 1 tsp vinegar Maldon sea salt
  • 1½ tbsp of Wharfe Valley rapeseed oil Baking parchment paper
  • 150g fresh or frozen peas


  1. First cook the gooseberries in the low sugar with 200ml of water.
  2. Soak the gelatine in cold water until soft and then melt into the gooseberry mix.
  3. Sieve into a shallow tray lined with cling film and place in a fridge to set. It should be lightly set within 30 minutes, but if you can leave it longer the jelly will set better.
  4. For the fresh pea salad, make the vinaigrette using the vinegar and the Wharfe Valley rapeseed oil and a little of the gooseberry juice from the cooking.
  5. Blanch the fresh peas in boiling lightly salted water.
  6. Peel the peas out of the shells (if using fresh). Set aside 10 peas then blend the rest of the peas in a little boiling water and a tbsp of Wharfe Valley rapeseed oil with a stick blender until you have a smooth puree.
  7. Dress the salad leaves with the vinaigrette and place on a plate.
  8. Place the mackerel fillets (bones removed and skin scoured) in a pan with a piece of baking parchment paper underneath and add a drizzle of Wharfe Valley rapeseed oil cook the fillet skin side down for 4 minutes and then flip over for a further minute (the great thing about this is the Mackerel does not stick). Remove the fillets from the frying pan.
  9. With a spoon, swipe the pea puree onto the plate and place the mackerel fillet on top.
  10. Add the diced gooseberry jelly around the plate.
  11. Sprinkle the fresh peas around the plate with the pea shoots.
  12. Add a few drops of the Wharfe Valley rapeseed oil and the vinaigrette around the mackerel.

Gardener's Tip

Gooseberries are a great addition to the soft fruit garden and modern cultivars have been bred which are almost thornless, making harvesting and pruning a much more pleasurable experience. Try, Lady Sun, Captivator or Tatania, three key things to remember are to feed in spring with a high potash fertiliser, mulch with well rotted compost, and water during dry spells, especially when the fruit is developing

May 2023